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Romantic Dinner

By Joanne Elliott

Romantic dinners can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. These can be some of the most memorable evenings that you and your lover will ever share together. Obviously you could take your date out for a meal in a beautiful restaurant but why not choose to treat your partner to a romantic meal at home? Canít cook? Donít worry. Even the most hesitant chef can create the ideal romantic dinner Ė just follow these simple guidelines to ensure the perfect evening.

Set the mood

Setting the right mood is the starting point to creating a really memorable romantic dinner. There are many ways to create the right ambience. You could use scented candles, lanterns, or simply dim the lights to create a more romantic mood. Fresh flowers on the table and soft, romantic music are always sure-fire recipes for success.

The menu

Think about the types of food that your partner likes to eat. Choosing your lovers' favourite foods is best as it shows that you really want them to enjoy their evening with you. If you are a hesitant cook then you could prepare the meal in advance, or maybe even think about use high a quality pre-made meal from a store. Remember that whatever you choose to serve should not involve you slaving over a hot stove for the majority of the evening Ė this is not the point of a romantic dinner!

There are many modern myths about certain foods being more romantic than others. But always think about your lover first, for example oysters may be an aphrodisiac but they are not a great idea if your lover hates seafood. Also if itís a new relationship it may be best to forget foods that are hard to eat, like spaghetti. If your menu involves strong flavoured foods like garlic and onions this is fine so long as you are both eating them together!

Get the look!

Has your sweetheart ever commented on a particular outfit? Then maybe you could think about wearing this especially for him for your romantic dinner. Or maybe thereís a little black dress tucked away at the back of your closet, just waiting for the right occasion? Well maybe this is it! A really traditional romantic meal requires you to dress up a little, but whatever you decide to wear you should be sure that you feel comfortable and sexy in it. As you are getting ready for the evening make an effort to enhance your best assets and really take the time to get your makeup and hair just right.

The element of surprise

It is always very flattering and truly romantic when a lover plans something really special as a romantic surprise. The more thought you put into getting the romantic meal just right, the better. Think about how your lover would feel as you answered the door dressed in your best outfit, your hair looking great, makeup perfect... mood lighting, soft romantic music and the delicious aroma of especially home cooked food in the air.
Can you see it now? Well then, what are you waiting for? Get your romantic dinner planning started! Right now!

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