About Us

This blog site is established to tackle different kinds of relationships and other related issues. We are committed to provide you, our readers, with helpful and relevant content that will serve as eye-openers for you to understand relationships better. We also want to establish a connection with you so that we can offer you insights on how to handle your relationships well while learning to love yourself in the process. 

The Founders

We, Lizzie and Brenda, would like to share with you our experiences about love, life and relationships. We are both single, active bloggers and wellness enthusiasts who want to focus on women empowerment. While we respect women who choose to be in a relationship, we prefer to enjoy the sidelines for now and to enjoy the perks and freedom of being single and uncommitted. 

We met each other three years ago in a marathon event in California. We arranged to meet up a day after the event in a cafe to share stories and experiences for our individual blog sites. The rest is history as they say because we ended up discussing our different perspectives about life and our points of view on why we’re both single and not in a relationship. We’re both idealists and avid book readers. As of now, we’re best friends and blog partners as well. 

Our commitment is to share with you bits and pieces of advice that can help you achieve a healthy balance between your personal life and your relationships. We also want to be able to impart some knowledge and information that can build awareness among both men and women who are going through rough patches right now. 

We are hoping that you will find our content helpful and relevant. All the best