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A lot of women have probably idealized an expensive candlelight dinner in a fancy restaurant to be the perfect date. While such romantic splurges are definitely welcome once in a while, especially when there is something special that just came up and is worthy of being commemorated in style, there is no reason why a couple could have a fun date together without having to break the bank. Inexpensive date ideas for you.

Here are fifteen fun date ideas that you and your man can try out next time you go on a date.

1. If you and your guy are cruising around town in his ride and you suddenly feel antsy and realize that he is feeling the same way as you do, why don't the two of you try finding a secluded place to park the car and get the 'deed done? The risk of getting caught doing it in public heightens the excitement.

2. Watch a basketball game of the local high school or college team and snuggle on the bleachers while watching the game. An alternative to this would be tagging along when a sibling, a child or a nephew/niece plays ball with his or her team.

3. Fix your own romantic dinner with whatever you manage to scrounge up in the kitchen. A simple meal of cheese and crackers with glasses of soda eaten enjoyed under the dim candlelight can be just as fun as dining out in a fancy restaurant.

4. On a visit back home, take him along with you and give him a tour of your childhood haunts. Point out to him the spots where you had your first kiss, where you had your first official date and where you used to hang out.

5. When a friend goes out of town, offer to apartment- or house-sit for her and take your honey with you. It will be like spending the night in a hotel.

6. Hang out at home and play some CDs, then go on an all-night sing-along with your man. You can cap the night with a really cheesy duet if you want.

7. Go to the beach or the park. Stroll around holding hands, talk about nothing in particular and watch the sunset together.

8. Browse your local newsgroups and see if there are any open-air concerts or free gigs around your area. Then go there and drag your man along with you.

9. If your man is willing to do this, the two of you can pretend to be a married couple and check out real estate offices holding open houses. Pretending that you are husband and wife going house-hunting can be sweet.

10. If the two of you both list the Internet among your interests, you can watch videos on YouTube or Google Videos together and laugh your heads off. Better yet, post a video of each other doing wacky stuff.

11. Google each other and see what funny stuff will come up on your search. Exchange stories about the random items that you managed to find.

12. Go to the gym together and race each other on neighboring treadmills. Afterwards, go home and take turns washing the sweat off of each other.

13. Challenge your man to a game of basketball at your backyard.

14. Play a game of poker, scrabble, or any card game or board game you have at home. The person who loses gets to follow whatever command the winner issues.

15. Drive around a place in the city you live in but are not really familiar with. Go window shopping at the stores you find.

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